Meet Andrea St. Bernard of McMillan LLP
Meet Andrea St. Bernard of McMillan LLP

Andrea St. Bernard - photo by Daniel EhrenworthKnockout: Andrea St. Bernard, McMillan LLP

What compels Andrea St. Bernard to train for up to four hours a day, seven days a week? The threat of being kicked in the head. Not your typical motivation, but for a taekwondo champion, it’s a reality. “I know my competitor’s goal is to knock me out,” she explains. “I have to be ready for that.”

St. Bernard, who took up the martial art just before starting law school, competes at an international level, proudly representing her native Grenada. This past winter she added a US Open Taekwondo Championships bronze medal to her impressive tally of athletic achievements. Her ultimate goal is to represent her Caribbean island nation at the Olympics.

Back on Canadian soil, St. Bernard keeps up a demanding financing transaction practice. While kicks and jabs seem worlds away from debt products and cross-border transactions, taekwondo has taught her how to confront difficult situations. Whether in the ring or on a deal, the lesson applies equally: “Maintain your composure, come up with a plan, understand your threat, rationalize and attack.”

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Photography by Daniel Ehrenworth