A lot of people ask us this question. The answer: mostly by advertising. Our clients buy ads in our print magazine as well as on this website and in our eNewsletters. In addition, they hire us to develop sponsored content to promote their products and services. Using the Precedent A-List to share firm news or job opportunities also supports Precedent.

Nope. Precedent is published by Law and Style Media Inc. – a local, independently owned Toronto media company.

We focus on Toronto lawyers because writing local, unique content is what we do best. We strive to provide authentic, on-the-ground coverage to the Toronto legal community. Of course, anyone is welcome to read and enjoy Precedent! All our content is available for free here on our website. Toronto lawyers get the print magazine for free, but anyone is welcome to buy a subscription at an affordable price.


We would love to hear your story idea! You can send an email to editor@precedentmagazine.com. Please note that we don’t usually write about specific practice areas or the latest developments in caselaw or legislation. We are looking for story ideas that would be of interest to all lawyers, no matter their practice area.

Examples of great ideas include: profiles on interesting lawyers, lifestyle stories such as cool homes and unique hobbies, the inside scoop on what’s happening at your firm (or someone else’s). We also welcome candid critiques of the profession. Don’t be shy!

We would love to be invited to cover your event! Thank you for thinking of us. Precedent covers events such as awards receptions, office launches and fundraisers. We can’t cover everything, but we do our best. Please email events@precedentmagazine.com with the following information:

  • Name and description of host the organization
  • Time, date, location of event
  • Estimated number of lawyers who will be in attendance
  • Names of special guests or lawyers being honoured

We do! We have two annual award programs in our magazine:

  1. The Precedent Setter Awards: These awards recognize outstanding Toronto lawyers in their first 10 years of practice. Nominations are typically due in January and the winners are recognized in our summer issue. You can learn more about the awards here.
  2. The Precedent Innovation Awards: Our innovation awards recognize lawyers and law firms that have implemented original initiatives that make the profession better. Applications are due in May and winners are recognized in our winter issue. You can learn more about the innovation awards here.


Oh no! We don’t want you to miss a single issue. Please contact our circulation department at subscribe@precedentmagaizne.com or call 416-929-4495 and we will be happy to assist. You can also make sure your contact information is correct by logging in to our subscriber portal.

Please email subscribe@precedentmagazine.com and let us know what issue(s) you are looking for and how many copies you need.


It’s a great photo, isn’t it? When we arrange to have a photographer take your picture, we only get the rights to use it for our editorial purposes. If you would like to use it elsewhere, you will need to contact the photographer directly and you may be charged a fee. We would be happy to connect you. Please drop us a note at: editor@precedentmagazine.com.

If you’d like to include a Precedent article in one of your own publications, please get in touch. Let us know where it will be published and the size of your audience. Depending on the use, there may be a fee involved in reprinting our content. Please do not reprint or share Precedent content without specific permission from the editor. Thank you!