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Jennifer Mathers McHenry, Hilary Book and Tanya Pagliaroli recently launched their own boutique firms

By Lia Grainger

On Thursday October 10th, 2019


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What: 3 New Law Firms: 3 Reasons to Celebrate
Where: Chotto Matte Toronto, 161 Bay St.
When: Wednesday, September 18, 2019

More than a hundred guests mingled beneath the colourful graffitied walls of Chotto Matte Toronto on Sept. 18 to celebrate three new boutique law firms that recently launched: Mathers McHenry & Co., Book Law and TAP Law.

The founders of each firm — Jennifer Mathers McHenry, Hilary Book and Tanya Pagliaroli, respectively — planned the party together. “We met, loved each other and started talking about how I’d been practising for a year and hadn’t gotten around to throwing a fabulous party,” said Pagliaroli. “We decided we could combine resources and celebrate women in law.”

The three guests of honour took the time to address the crowd. “I love practising law,” said Book. “It turns out I also really love having my own firm. The only reason I was able to do it was because of the generosity of so many people that are here tonight.”

Mathers McHenry called for a toast. “Let’s raise a glass to this profession, to surrounding ourselves with good people, to giving work to good people and to ultimately having a little fun while we do it.”

It was an inspiring night. “It’s exciting that a lot of women are realizing the old story of what it means to be a lawyer doesn’t reflect them,” said Morgan Sim, an associate at Pinto James and a friend who attended the party. “They’ve been fighting to carve out their own space, and all the while proving you can provide amazing services to people who need them outside the context of big law.”

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Photography by 5ive15ifteen studio