Why @BadLegalLLP is the one firm you should be following on Twitter // On the Record

A satirical Twitter feed strikes comedic gold by mocking everything lawyers hold dear

By Daniel Fish

On Wednesday December 2nd, 2015


It turns out, being a lawyer is hilarious. At least that’s the only conclusion one can make after scrolling through the Twitter feed of Bad Legal LLP, a bogus law firm whose tweets lampoon the absurdities of lawyer life. The comedy ranges from the light-hearted (lawyers suck at technology) to the pitch-black (most legal careers are soul-sucking). And the anonymous talent behind the tweets is clearly Toronto-based: it pokes fun at Bay Street firms and lawyers that have appeared in this very magazine (see Rob “Centaur,” below). If only all lawfirm Twitter accounts were this interesting.

How Bad Legal’s followers stack up to “real” law firms

WeirFoulds LLP

Aird & Berlis LLP   1,622 followers

Aird & Berlis LLP







Bereskin & Parr LLP

Bad Legal LLP







Torys LLP








Pick of the Twitter

Seven of the best tweets from @BadLegalLLP:

On recruitment

Time to walk around the office and give false hope to articling students I have no intention of hiring back. #motivation

On diversity

Deeply disappointed that only 12/20 Toronto benchers are old white men #LSBencher

On education

Good luck to those writing the Ont. bar tomorrow. It’s a long, pointless test that prepares you well for your long, pointless careers

On work-life balance

Working at our office is exactly like #Suits except we spend 16 hours a day at our computer and nobody works out regularly

On articling students

I am renting out my articling students for use in HOV lanes during the Pan Am Games

On self-esteem

Dear law students, how you fare in the hiring process for summer associate positions is a direct indicator of your worth as a human being

On innovation

So sick of this myth that lawyers don’t understand tech. I can hyperlink with the best of them

Bonus tweet: Other times, the satire on @BadLegalLLP gives way to bad Photoshop, typified in this playful jab at Rob Centa, the managing partner of Paliare Roland LLP.

Rob Centaur





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