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Nicole Corriero
Meet the personal injury lawyer who lead Harvard's hockey team to a record-setting season

By Braden Alexander

On Wednesday December 3rd, 2014


Nicole Corriero


Nicole Corriero

Lofranco Corriero LLC

When Nicole Corriero describes herself as “goal-oriented,” she damn well means it. After all, the personal injury lawyer still holds the NCAA record for most goals scored in a single hockey season, from her senior year at Harvard when she was captain of the women’s team. She scored 59 goals that year, beating the previous record by 12 and tying the men’s NCAA record — though Corriero did it in fewer games than her male counterpart.

She’s been playing with (and beating) the boys since she ditched figure skating for her brother’s team, later making AA. Some things never change: Corriero now plays for a men’s rec league and every year in the Personal Injury Hockey Challenge, which, much like private practice, is largely made up of men.

“As a young female lawyer, being able to break into these events that are primarily male-dominated — it helps,” she says.

The University of Windsor grad works at Lofranco Corriero, her uncle’s firm. Now a partner, Corriero started there when she was 16, as an assistant, making coffee — “I was terrible at that” — and returned every summer to work for a different lawyer. All along, she had partnership in her sights.

“I work better when I know the goal.”

Photography by Daniel Ehrenworth