Lenczner Slaght Celebrates 20 years // The Circuit

The lawyers of Lenczner Slaght threw a party to celebrate two decades in the litigation business

By Melissa Kluger

On Friday September 28th, 2012


We know that Lenczner Slaght demands the best when it comes to litigation. After attending their 20th anniversary party last week at the new Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto, we now know that they hold their parties to the same high standard. Hundreds of lawyers made for a large crowd in the hotel’s third floor ballroom, spilling out onto a large patio overlooking University Avenue. It was a who’s who of the city’s top litigators, as well as judges and Law Society benchers (plus a few magazine editors). Guests remarked that it felt a lot like the Advocates’ Society end-of-term dinner. But with more schmoozing and less dinner.

Shangri-La staff were super classy and served up some pretty delicious appetizers (including one that looked like a tray full of hot peppers, which were actually sweet). Given its location and its class, the hotel is likely to become a popular go-to spot for events in the legal community. When that happens, you can just call it Shangri-Law.

Our photographer Yvonne Bambrick got great pictures of the night. Check them out!