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You can listen to every album the late musician produced

By Precedent

On Tuesday May 24th, 2016

lawyer, Josh Koziebrocki

Recommended by: Josh Koziebrocki, Lerners LLP 

Making the case: “I bought it the day he died,” says Josh Koziebrocki, a partner at Lerners LLP, referring to the 13-piece David Bowie Five Years vinyl box set. “It’s every album that he produced, including live albums, during the first five years of his career. And it’s named after the song ‘Five Years’ that’s on Ziggy Stardust.

“It’s something I listen to when I’m done work and want to take myself to a more fun place. It’s very excitable music but complex at the same time: it’s full of very interesting lyrics, incredible melodies and just a great sound. It’s the perfect soundtrack for going home, relaxing and enjoying life. And everyone should listen to this on vinyl, so they can appreciate it properly.”

Where to find it: Sonic Boom at 215 Spadina Ave. or online at store.davidbowie.com.

How much you’ll pay: The vinyl box set costs $250 (USD) online, and up to $285 (CAD) in stores.

Bonus material: The whole box set includes six original studio albums, and a book with technical notes from the producers of each classic Bowie album.

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