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Does your office decor pale in comparison to your view from the 63rd floor? Here are six stylish items to elevate your workspace

By Braden Alexander

On Tuesday March 11th, 2014



Coasters from leifshop
Just coasting

Don Draper would be proud to set his whisky glass on one of these mid-century-inspired coasters from LEIF. The rosewood Copenhagen coaster set looks like a work of art when stacked in its polished brass holder, and each piece is just as appealing as a landing pad for your coffee. $40.


Pencil holder from anthropologie
The blues

The Aegean hues of the Multiples pencil holder from Anthropologie instantly brighten up a drab desk — plus it can keep you highly organized. And with a paperclip dish and a slot for
your absolute favourite pen (you know the one), it’s functional enough to satisfy any Type A. $48.



Wall clock by Croft 

Against the grain
The oak wood grain softens the stark minimalism of this Croft wall clock from EQ3. Weighing in at 42 pounds and measuring almost half a metre across, it’s something of a statement piece and a welcome upgrade from the office standard. Is it lunch time yet? $10.00.


Revelation by Richard Roblin 


Rental unit
The AGO has devised a perfect system for art-loving commitment-phobes: short-term art rentals. If you want, you can hang a different piece every three months, for as low as $40 per month. Although this piece, Revelation by Richard Roblin, will set you back a bit more — $340 a month, in fact. But who can put a price on good taste?




Bookends by Moma 

Tab, you’re it
If Post-it Notes just aren’t enough, take your tabbing to the next level. The Indice bookends by Hiroaki Watanabe from the MoMA store let you apply your indexing skills to your bookshelf. Now you’ll know exactly where to reach for your back issues of Precedent. $25.


Terrariums by Score and Solder


Easy being green
For those with black thumbs who want some green in their workspace, terrariums are the way to go. This handmade piece from Score and Solder comes with rocks, sand and a quartz crystal. All you need to complete the setup is some soil and a few hardy succulents, which essentially thrive on sunshine and neglect. $320.