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By Precedent

On Thursday November 1st, 2007



I followed the trends and bought some ballet flats, but all my pants are tailored for my heels. So now my pants are too long for the new shoes. Is there anything I can do?

Yes. Buy more pants.

Or, for a quickie change, buy some tailor’s tape. This is a roll of glue-like tape. You place it between the hem of the pants and iron it – the heat of the iron will melt the tape and glue the hem in place (note that this is a permanent hem, there is no going back). It is a quick fix for converting pants to suit your flats. Find it at your dry cleaner or local Stitch It.

Dear Fashionista:

I have a short suit – that is, a suit with shorts, instead of pants. I want to wear it into the fall or winter. I was thinking of wearing it with pantyhose. I can do that, right?

No. You cannot.

I long ago decreed that “shuits” (suits with shorts) are a nono. You obviously have not been paying attention. However, since you’ve already committed that initial fashion faux pas, let us make the best of it. You may wear said suit with a turtleneck, tights, and mary janes, all black. This is of course presumi