The best four photos of lawyers revealing their hobbies // Secret Life

secret life fall 2017
Our photographer dishes on what it’s like to snap photos of lawyers

By Stephanie Philp

On Thursday September 7th, 2017


What’s the hardest thing about taking highly stylized portraits of lawyers showcasing their hobbies? “Well, they’re fucking lawyers,” says photographer Daniel Ehrenworth, with a laugh. His work has appeared in Precedent for the past eight years and his favourite “Secret Life” shots appear below. Though he’s not photographing models, who are used to sitting in makeup chairs and posing under studio lighting, Ehrenworth’s found a certain charm that comes from working with lawyers — and he loves it.

“Lawyers are very cerebral people,” he says. But, at the same time, when the photographer pulls out all the stops to get a great shot (like holding that dead fish next to litigator Alex Curry’s face), the lawyers are usually game. “That makes it easy to do my job,” he says. Which is, ultimately, “to make them look really cool.”


Lidiya Yermakova

Lidiya Yermakova, Lerners

Brian Temins

Brian Temins, Minden Gross

Dan Giantsopoulos

Dan Giantsopoulos, Blaney McMurtry

Alex Curry

Alex Curry, Beard Winter






















Fall 2017 CoverThis story is from our 10th anniversary issue, published in Fall 2017.




Photography by Daniel Ehrenworth