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Flavia coffee,
Because you've gotta stay awake during those mediations and examinations

By Iman Abokor

On Thursday November 17th, 2016


As a litigator, I spend a lot of time at court-reporting centres. And while some lawyers can make it through a seven-hour examination without coffee, I’m not one of them. Fortunately, most reporting centres provide unlimited, free coffee. But the quality can vary drastically. Here are three reporting centres that regularly serve up a great cup of coffee.


Network Reporting & MediationJura, coffee,

Network offers a lot of choice in brewed coffee. In the morning, there are usually several carafes of different types of coffee, which are constantly refilled throughout the day. My favourite is the Pike Place, a medium roast from Starbucks. Network grinds its coffee beans immediately before brewing the coffee. If you’re at the downtown or west location, then you can use Network’s Jura coffee machine to make an amazing cup of coffee. I’m not usually a huge fan of automated coffee machines, but Jura machines are different. Instead of using prepackaged coffee pods, Jura grinds the beans before making each cup. It also makes delicious Americanos, cappuccinos and lattes in less than 60 seconds.

Pro-tip: grab a slice of Network’s famous chocolate cake and make your cup of coffee that much sweeter.

Various locations (Downtown, West and North)



Victory VerbatimFlavia Coffee Machine, coffee

In Victory Verbatim’s kitchen is a virtual buffet of coffee. Here lies the Flavia C400 — an automated coffee machine that produces decent, middle-of-the-road coffee. What takes Victory to the next level, though, is that there’s a Flavia in every single room. So, if you’re dying for a cup of coffee, you don’t have to interrupt your co-counsel in the middle of her examination. You can just slip to the back of the room and make yourself a cup of joe. And, if you have a hankering for espresso, you can make one using the Nespresso machine. The best part? Victory puts small bottles of Perrier nearby because, as every coffee snob knows, espresso tastes better once you cleanse your palette with some sparkling water.

222 Bay St., Toronto



Durham Reporting &
Mediation Services cuisinart coffee makers, coffee, brew

Why is Durham Reporting’s coffee so good? It follows the three rules of great coffee: purchase quality beans, grind the beans just before use and use a state-of-the-art brewing machine. Durham Reporting uses Kirkland Signature Medium Roast House Blend beans and brews the coffee in a Cuisinart Automatic Burr Grind and Brew. The result? A delicious cup of coffee that impresses me every single time.

12 Stanley Court, Whitby


Iman AkoborIman Abokor is an insurance defence lawyer at Lawson LLP and Precedent’s coffee columnist.