Seafood, Croque Monsieurs and lunchtime austerity // Edible Witness redux

A roundup of the best of Edible Witness

By Sara Chan

On Tuesday May 10th, 2011


edible witnessSara’s taking this week off. She’ll return with a new column the week after next. Meantime, here are some great past editions of Edible Witness.

My Toronto includes seafood (September 7, 2010): Sara laments the lack of top-shelf seafood restaurants in the city, and offers up a tasty alternative — a recipe for a quick and versatile bouillabaisse (pictured).

It’s in the bag (January 4, 2011): Remember that New Year’s Resolution you made to eat more homemade lunches? How long did that last? Re-up your good intentions with a few useful tips and a lunch-perfect recipe for curried chicken and apple salad.

DIY Croque Monsieurs (November 16, 2010): Sara confesses her undying love for a certain French bistro staple, which she calls “a grilled ham and cheese sandwich on crack.” Best of all, she tells you how to make one in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Sara Chan is a Toronto-based entertainment lawyer, food enthusiast, unprofessional home chef and even less professional food photographer. Her favourite food group is pork. Sara’s column appears every other Tuesday here on