Figs, leftovers and cool drinks // Edible Witness redux

A delicious selection of past Edible Witness columns

By Sara Chan

On Tuesday August 2nd, 2011


summer sippersSara’s taking this week off. She’ll return with a new column the week after next. Meantime, here are some great past editions of Edible Witness.

Go fig-ure (Sep. 21, 2010)
“Until fairly recently, my only understanding of figs was limited to the ‘dried’ or ‘newton’ variety. In either case, I didn’t pay them much attention, until I tasted a fresh fig for the first time. Mind you, it was also stuffed with melted taleggio cheese and wrapped in prosciutto, but even on their own, fresh figs are the business.”

Artistry in leftovers (March 1, 2011)
“Sometimes the most satisfying meals are the ones you make up on the spot, conjured from the need to use all the leftover stuff in the fridge combined with the lack of desire to leave the house for groceries. (This confluence of events, however, also often results in cereal for dinner. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)”

Summer sippers (June 29, 2010)
“To usher in the official days (and long, lovely evenings) of summer, I’m dedicating this Edible Witness to the summer cocktail — particularly those made in volumes no smaller than a full pitcher, to be served with friends at home or at a cottage, and always outside.”

Sara Chan is a Toronto-based entertainment lawyer, food enthusiast, unprofessional home chef and even less professional food photographer. Her favourite food group is pork. Sara’s column appears every other Tuesday here on