Two lawyers in their first 15 years elected as benchers

The complete list of elected lawyers has been announced

By Todd Harrison

On Monday May 2nd, 2011


Photo by Oliver Mallich Two lawyers in their first 15 years of practice have won seats in the 2011 bencher election.

Newcomer Jacqueline Horvat and incumbent Jennifer Halajian are among the 40 successful candidates, announced earlier this afternoon by the Law Society. Halajian was the only bencher in her first 15 years to win a seat in 2007.

Here is the full list of lawyers set to represent their peers at Convocation for the next four years:

Linda Rothstein *
Laurie H. Pawlitza
Raj Anand
Paul B. Schabas
Julian Porter
Mark J. Sandler
Wendy Matheson
Janet E. Minor
Julian N. Falconer
Alan D. Gold
Christopher D. Bredt
Janet Leiper
John A. Campion
Barbara Murchie
Beth Symes
William C. McDowell
Malcolm M. Mercer
John E. Callaghan
Mary Louise Dickson
Howard Goldblatt

Robert F. Evans (CE) *
Joseph J. Sullivan (CS) *
M. Virginia MacLean (CW-CO) *
Adriana Doyle (E) *
Jack Braithwaite (NE) *
Nicholas John Pustina (NW-NO) *
Michael M. Lerner (SW-SO) *
Constance Backhouse (E)
Thomas G. Conway (E)
Susan T. McGrath (NE)
Robert Wadden (E)
Carol Hartman (NE)
Jennifer A. Halajian (CE)
Susan M. Hare (NE)
Susan Armatage Richer (E)
James A. Scarfone (CS)
Alan G. Silverstein (CE)
Jacqueline Horvat (SW-SO)
Larry Eustace (NW-NO)
Judith M. Potter (SW-SO)

* = Regional benchers (the candidates who received the highest number of votes from voters in their own electoral region)

Photo by Oliver Mallich