Social media and the law

How do we balance social media, its impact and the law?

By Claire Ward

On Tuesday April 7th, 2009


In a recent article, the Vancouver Sun tackles the issue of “bloggers and Twitterers in Vancouver courtrooms” and raises some interesting examples where social media has had an impact on the system. Last year, bloggers were streaming live reporting at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal during proceedings from its hearing room. Today, up-to-the-second “tweets” from inside the Bandidos’ murder trial and several other prosecutions can be found on Twitter. Looks like the law world may have to put its head down and sort out just exactly how social media can/should/will interact with the system. Patch up a leaking dam or invite the ocean in?

Check out the opinion piece in our latest issue, where lawyer Meredith Jones highlights trials in which information derived from Facebook was as used as evidence.