Inappropriate sexual behaviour // Poll results

The early results are in. Here is where you stand on this issue

By Todd Harrison

On Tuesday August 3rd, 2010


pollInappropriate sexual behaviour at law firms and legal events happens more often than you might think, according to our latest poll.

More than 50 percent of respondents indicated that they had personal experience with an incident — either because it happened to them (17.8 percent), occurred in their presence (17.8 percent) or was witnessed by someone they personally know (12.1 percent). This number stands in contrast to the rarity of incidents that leak through firm firewalls to the press, the courts and the public.

The inevitable I’ve-heard-rumours response was the top-rated answer (29.9 percent), followed by those who had not heard of any incidents besides those that are reported in the news (22.4 percent).

Full results:

What’s your experience with inappropriate sexual behaviour at law firms?

  • 29.9 percent I’ve heard rumours about incidents (32 votes)
  • 22.4 percent I’ve never seen nor heard of any incidents, aside from those that make the news (24)
  • 17.8 percent It happened to me (19)
  • 17.8 percent I’ve witnessed it happening to others (19)
  • 12.1 percent A friend or colleague told me about an incident they witnessed (13)