Lawyers chasing diamonds

A must read article from Report on Business

By Rose Hendrie

On Friday November 9th, 2012


007, her Majesty’s top secret agent, blasts his way into theatres today. If the world of international intrigue seems a far cry from a lawyer’s day job, just read Bruce Livesey’s recent story in Report on Business.

With almost as many underhand dealings, exotic locations and expensive jewels as a good Bond plot, this story on multi-million dollar money laundering appears fantastical. But it happened right here, in Toronto.

Seven years after Boaz Manor’s firm Portus Alternative Asset Management Inc. was closed amid allegations of fraud, lawyers are still baffled over the whereabouts of diamonds that Manor purchased with his investors’ money.

Rather than featuring guns and sexy girls, this story stars some recognizable Toronto lawyers. Commercial litigator John Finnigan was hired to help find the missing millions and Brian Greenspan was hired by Manor as his defence lawyer.

Image: *saxon* via Flickr