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Fogler, Rubinoff's lawyers 'smize' for new website

By Bruce Laregina

On Friday May 17th, 2013


When Fogler, Rubinoff launched its new company website on April 25, Precedent‘s law firm website of the month hadn’t run in more than two years.

This site convinced us to bring it back.

Flashy yet accessible, the website has impressive modern features including links to Twitter, Facebook and every other social media site you can imagine. It also has professional photos of all the firm’s lawyers, a fancy pop-up search menu and a Google Street View of the firm’s building on the contact page.

Precedent spoke with Pinar Ozyetis, a partner at the firm who led site development, about the site’s philosophy, design and creation.

Why did Fogler, Rubinoff decide to revamp the firm website?
Our existing website was several years old. The site was difficult to navigate. New content was not easily uploaded, managed, or viewed, which was a big impediment to keeping it current and fresh.

How long did it take to conceive and develop?

We engaged our website developer, Toronto-based Pixelcarve Inc., at the end of August 2012. All-in, the site took eight months to conceive and develop.

What are the main concepts of the site’s design?
We value efficiency and we are business-minded. We respect our clients’ time and resources. The site’s navigation and layout communicate these ideas.

The photos of the lawyers on your site are really great. Did you have a photographer spend a day at your firm?
Actually, our photographer, Brandon Barré, spent five days at our firm. Apparently a lot of our lawyers are familiar with the term “smize” (à la Tyra Banks,
America’s Next Top Model) — meaning “smile with your eyes.”

What is your favourite feature of the website?
I have two. First, the searchability of it — the viewer can return to the search function at any point by clicking on the search icon in the bottom left corner. Second, the website adapts automatically to the screen size of any device such as a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet — providing an experience tailored specifically to each device.

Does your firm have a great online look? Tell us about it and we may feature your website next month!