Editor's Note

Get ready for Precedent

By Melissa Kluger

On Thursday October 18th, 2007


Melissa Kluger, Editor & PublisherCareful — this is like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s a magazine for lawyers that is young, fresh, stylish, and a little bit irreverent. I know these are words we don’t usually associate with the legal profession. But trust me — that’s about to change. At a time when the mainstream media are calling us names, it’s time for a new perspective.

There are a lot of lawyers out there who are trendsetters and risk-takers, but we don’t hear about them often enough. Precedent will seek them out — profiling young lawyers doing good work and helping them look great while doing it.

We recognize that we are lawyers both in and out of the office. Precedent will not only cover the latest cases and issues facing the profession, but we will also provide stories about the lifestyle of being a lawyer: the beauty of a really great suit; the best place to take a client to lunch; and how to start your own wine cellar. There’s more, and we look forward to bringing it to you.

We’re not an ordinary legal magazine, so you can imagine that getting this first issue off the ground involved a lot of challenges. Finding a balance between paying tribute to the long-standing traditions of our profession, while pushing the envelope and doing things differently is a challenge we take seriously.

From the very start, so many people believed in Precedent, and our commitment to a higher standard. I want to thank all of our advertisers who invested in this launch issue, sight unseen. I also want to thank all of our incredible writers, photographers and artists who helped articulate our vision. And finally, I want to thank all the lawyers who agreed to be part of this first issue. In a profession where most things are confidential and where we tend to err on the side of caution, these individuals helped us put a fresh face on the practice of law.

So this is Precedent: The new rules of law and style. Ontario’s first legal magazine for young lawyers. A shift away from traditional law magazines and a fresh perspective on the profession. We hope that you’ll read not only for business, but also for pleasure.

Precedent is published four times a year and is sent to 20,000 lawyers in the province of Ontario. We’ve started with a focus on Toronto — since we counted everybody up and realized that over half of the province’s lawyers are right here. We look forward to your comments, ideas, and to expanding our reach to more lawyers in our community.

Melissa Kluger
Publisher and Editor