Chief justice stresses value of courts during recession

Warren Winkler also states courts are a vital part of the economy

By Melissa Kluger

On Monday April 6th, 2009


In today’s Globe and Mail, Ontario Chief Justice Warren Winkler asks readers to consider the value of our court system in these difficult economic times. He says we must stress the inherent value of our justice system to business, labour, government, and community. Winkler also calls the Commercial List the “jewel in our crown” and says some pretty nice things about law and courts more generally:

“Courts are the underpinning for the contractual arrangements that knit the economy together. We have strong, modern and enforceable laws. Knowing that this is present creates inherent efficiencies in all commercial dealings. It gives us a competitive advantage over jurisdictions where contracts have less meaning because there are no consequences for those who fail to meet their legal obligations. This is part of what makes our country attractive to both immigrants and investors alike, and it is something we take for granted because we already enjoy its benefits.”