A Canadian in Omar Khadr's court // Background

Omar Khadr's lawyers say he was abused by American authorities and that Khadr should be repatriated

By Todd Harrison

On Tuesday April 27th, 2010


photo by Caesar MonroyAs pretrial proceedings begin in the trial of Omar Khadr, Nathan Whitling has emerged as one of his most passionate defenders.

Whitling, a partner at Alberta firm Parlee McLaws LLP [Ed. Note: Now at FMC], joined Khadr’s legal team six years ago, and has worked alongside Dennis Edney in a role that’s equal parts defence lawyer and public advocate for one of the highest-profile prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

In a Globe and Mail Q&A earlier this week, Whitling was unflinching in his assertions that Khadr has been abused by U.S. authorities, has no chance at a fair trial, and should be repatriated by the Canadian government.

It was Whitling and Edney who argued successfully at the Supreme Court that Khadr’s constitutional rights had been violated.

Whitling’s practice at Parlee centres around Aboriginal Law, Commercial Litigation, and International Human Rights Law. He’s a graduate of the University of Alberta Faculty of Law and Harvard Law School and was called to the Alberta bar in 1999.

Photo of Guantamo Bay perimeter by Ceasar Monroy