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The Inaugural Precedent Innovation Awards

People, projects and ideas that are improving the profession
Kathryn Hendrikx cover image

We all know the legal profession could be better. For colleagues, clients and the public. But innovation in the law? That’s not possible, is it? You’d have to quit your job and found a legal-tech company or invest a boatload of cash into a fancy app. Right?

Not at all. What you really need is a workable idea, coupled with a curiosity to rethink long-held traditions.

At least, that’s what the winners of our inaugural Precedent Innovation Awards have in common. Through clever tweaks to the profession, they have improved the workplace, reduced costs and increased access to justice. Click on the stories below to see how these working lawyers are solving some of law’s biggest problems. You’ll be surprised by the progress we’ve made.

The Winners

Lenczner Slaght Lawyers Shara Roy, Tom Curry and Brian Kolenda.

Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP
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Borden Ladner
Gervais LLP

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Osler, Hoskin &
Harcourt LLP

The Undertaking Management Tool









This story is from our Winter 2019 Issue.

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