Precedent 2020 innovation awards feature

The 2020 Precedent Innovation Awards

Meet 10 daring lawyers who’ve toppled long-held traditions in the name of making the profession better
Precedent 2020 innovation awards feature

We all know what innovation looks like in the world of Big Tech. There’s Amazon. Apple. Spotify. These titans of disruption have built powerful technology and designed sleek products that have transformed daily life as we know it.

Yet the legal world has hardly changed at all. The inner workings of the courts remain old-fashioned and needlessly complex. The profession has an acute lack of useful resources. And the cost to hire a lawyer is still wildly unpredictable. If we want to solve these stubborn problems, we can’t rely on an outside saviour. We’re on our own.

We’re also totally up to the challenge. Look no further than the winners of this year’s Precedent Innovation Awards. These thoughtful lawyers have democratized access to legal information, helped clients afford their services and developed bespoke software that streamlines the most cumbersome legal tasks. Want to know how they achieved all that? Meet the winners below.

The Winners

Black and white photo of Monique Jilesen

Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP

Illustration of laptop with a hardhat on the screen

Faren Bogach, Krista Chaytor and Jeff Scorgie

Black and white portrait of Peter Nguyen

Peter Nguyen

Illustration of a microphone used for podcasting

Adam Goldenberg

Black and white portrait of Tim Gilbert

Gilbert's LLP

Illustration of a mobile law office

Arturo Pugliese

This is a story from our Winter 2020 Issue.

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