Bonus idea – lose the velvet robe sacks

Some traditions have to end
Some traditions have to end

Spotted: a young lawyer heading to court in a crisp navy suit, cream blouse, pumps and tasteful jewellery. A competent and professional-looking master of her domain, ready to skewer opposing counsel with her carefully prepared arguments. But wait, what’s that? A blue velvet bag slung over her shoulder? Will she be handing out Christmas toys to the spectators? What is that dreadful thing?

When freshly called students become litigators, they must accept that for the rest of their careers they will carry their court robes in what can only be described as a cross between Santa’s toy sack and a laundry bag: an impractical relic from the olden days. But come on, people: there’s a clear alternative to the monogrammed monstrosity holding your crumpled, smelly robes!

We know “the sack” is tradition, but so are matching your shoes and bag, not wearing white after Labour Day and forcing guests to do the Macarena at weddings. Some traditions have to end. Litigators, carry thy robes in a garment bag instead. A trifold “dress” carrier, it can be clipped or stacked (your choice!) on top of your wheeled briefcase for maximum efficiency. Structured and sleek, it keeps your robes wrinkle-free and can be compressed to various sizes. Best of all, it can still be monogrammed, because we all know lawyers love to see their initials in print. TRM (The Rainmaker), TAC (The Ambulance Chaser), whatever you like. It’s time for the velvet sack revolution.

Emma Williamson is an associate at Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP and writes the Style Counsel column at

Illustration by Graham Roumieu