What was your most memorable drink?

A selection of Canadian lawyers discuss their most memorable drinking experience
A selection of Canadian lawyers discuss their most memorable drinking experience

A recent Canadian Civil Liberties Association event, Raising the Civil Liberties Bar, combined a discussion of free speech and the Supreme Court with a crash course in Scotch nosing. Precedent scene-stress Yvonne Bambrick was on hand to snap photos and ask attendees about their most memorable drink.

What: Raising the Civil Liberties Bar — Scotch, Speech & the Supremes, put on by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Where: Camera Bar, Toronto

When: January 12, 2012

Question: What was your most memorable drink?

 “A martini that I had in the rotating restaurant at the top of a hotel in Atlanta. We rotated around, looking between the CNN Center, the Olympic Park and the Georgia aquarium.” —Brian Murnaghan, Lerners LLP

“Drinking sake in Tokyo after being part of a special ceremony.” —Susan Marsh, Morneau Shepell

“Not sure what I was drinking, but it was in a bar in a fort on the island of Corsica.” Rosie Kogan, Morneau Shepell

“Prosecco, anytime!” —Yashoda Ranganathan, Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP

“Red wine, anytime! With the right company, of course.” —Jessica Burnstein, The Office of Legislative Counsel


“My first coffee with my grandmother at age 3.” —Voula Kotoulas, Forbes Chochla LLP

“A bottle of Stratus Red paired with takeaway from Pizzeria Libretto.” —Neil Khanna, Ministry of the Attorney General

“I was on a six-month bicycle trip with my friend. in italy, we’d been drinking water for three months and we stopped at a winery to fill up our wineskins with wine out of the barrel. That night we stopped and drank and it was really nice.” —James Schneider, Social Justice Tribunals Ontario

 “My first beer ever, a Coors Light, while haying.” —Nathan Higgins, Sack Goldblatt Mitchell LLP

“Squirrel-tinis at the CCLA holiday party.” —Sheetal Rawal, CCLA




Interviews and photography by Yvonne Bambrick