AIDSbeat 2010

Check out photos of some of the guests and their costumes at AIDSbeat
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What: AIDSbeat
Where: KoolHaus
When: October 15, 2010

This year marked the 15th anniversary of AIDSbeat — an annual event in support of CANFAR and AIDS research  which, to date, has raised over $1.8 million. This year’s theme for the event was the 60’s Mod style. With Vespas on display, roller derby guys and girls circiling the crowd and, of course, the annual array of lawyer-constituted bands, it was definitely THE event to be at in Toronto’s professional community this month.

In addition, guests of AIDSbeat were invited to pop balloons for raffle prices, purchase retro sunglasses, hats and other gear for costumes, and have hair and make up done to be as mod as possible. Groovy baby!

Take a look at some of the guests (and great costumes) in the photo slideshow above, and tag yourself and your friends on the Facebook photo album.