Top style blogs, sites and apps for lawyers

Where the stylish seek fashion inspiration
Where the stylish seek fashion inspiration

Ah, the Internet. The best invention since sliced bread (do people still use that expression? Am I old?) and the biggest time suck ever created, known to lure even the most focused person into hours of mindless browsing. We all have our digital weaknesses; mine is fashion blogs, an addiction that’s getting worse since I spend the majority of my time in what my mother calls “at-home wear”. (What? Can’t I pretend to live in NYC and attend cool parties all the time?) Mat leave will do that to you. But luckily, my “research” has gone to good use: I’ve discovered some awesome blogs, sites and apps that will inspire all you fashionable lady lawyers out there!


Triple red outfit by WendyLast year I penned a piece on the best work style blogs. Turns out that regular fashion blogs can be just as helpful in developing your personal style for work and play, even if you happen to be a conservative ol’ lawyer. Wendy’s Look Book (Wendy), A Spoonful of Style (Jade) and The Sweetest Thing (Emily) are my current obsessions. Wendy mixes high-end designers with casual L.A.-inspired basics for fashion-forward yet accessible outfits — all this while offering hair tutorial and fashion videos. And both Jade and Emily have perfected girly-preppy and feminine-chic styles, respectively, inspiring me with their fabulous jewellery, blouses and sweaters. If you’re in the mood for something more corporate, check out The Classy Cubicle (Mary), which is my new favourite work style blog: she perfects the conservative-yet-stylish ensemble (and she’s got attitude to boot).

The best thing about browsing fashion blogs? While bloggers frequent the usual affordable and accessible big brand stops (Zara, J. Crew, Gap), they also don gorgeous pieces from independent boutiques which offer online shopping. Through them, I’ve discovered Farfetch, which offers a pricey but incredible selection of designer pieces from shops all over the world and Goodnight Macaroon, featuring stunning blouses, dresses and work-appropriate knits and jewellery. Full disclosure: I haven’t purchased anything yet (my EI cheque goes to rent, food and diapers, thankyouverymuch), but the reviews are positive. I’ll report back once I indulge.

Service Sites 
At Stylit, complete a quick quiz about your fashion preferences, and the site’s personal shoppers put together weekly outfit ideas for you based on your answers. It’s easy and fun, and the outfits are cute. Best of all, you can easily shop each look: the outfit components link directly to online stores. And for those of you who are saving your dineros, Shopittome sends you personalized “Salemail,” which tells you what’s for sale in your size (yes!) at your favourite designers. Never again waste your time re-checking the sale page at Shopbop to see if those size 8 patent pumps are on sale! (Unless you just want to for fun — totally understandable.)

(Free) Apps 
Inspired by a short piece in Metro on Walk in My Closet, Stylebook and Closet (all of which seem to require cataloguing your closet, meaning they take way too much time — but I admit they do look awesome), I ventured into the world of fashion apps. Pose gives you daily outfit recommendations based on the weather in your area, as well as ideas for various occasions and shoppable outfits & items. You can also follow other Poseurs (my word, not theirs!) and create photo collections of your favourite styles. Wondering what to wear with a leather jacket? Pose can help. I’m also intruigued by The Hunt, an online community of fashion lovers which tracks down the items you want but don’t know where to find (they call themselves the “cure for outfit envy”). And if all else fails, there’s Pinterest, which is essentially an online vision board application (or a “visual discovery tool”, as they call it). Google “Pinterest” and, say, “chic work outfits” and you don’t even need an account to view hundreds of photos for inspiration.

See? All my hours on the internet over the last few months haven’t been in vain. I hope the above blogs, sites and apps will be a rich source of fashion inspiration for all you busy lawyers out there. (Good luck getting your work done now.) Happy browsing!

Emma Williamson is a fashion-obsessed corporate commercial lawyer at Dentons. Her mission is to inspire Precedent’s female readers to break out of a style rut while obeying obvious and not-so-obvious workplace dress codes. Follow her on Twitter: @EmmaWorkStyle.

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