Gaggia Evolution Coffee

Six ways to heighten your morning buzz

We’re over trying to deny our caffeine addiction. Here's how to upgrade the coffee and tea experience
We’re over trying to deny our caffeine addiction. Here's how to upgrade the coffee and tea experience


Robot tea infuser 

In hot water
Amazingly, the best thing about this robot tea infuser isn’t that it’s adorable. The thing actually works like a charm, with adjust- able arms that fit on most mugs, a pocket for loose-leaf tea that’s easy to empty and a tray to catch the drips when you pluck it out. Tea time just got so much cuter. $12. 



Tray Drake General StoreAll in a tray’s work
Working adults know making time for breakfast is a victory. But making time for breakfast in bed? That’s a championship. This oak bed tray from the Drake General Store is a sturdy option for holding your well deserved bacon ’n’ eggs. We raise our coffee mugs to your weekend win. $99. 



Chemex Coffee 

Chemex factor 
This pour-over coffee maker looks like something you’d find in the lab of a mad scientist. And, true, the slightly laborious process of slowly pouring hot water over the grinds takes more effort than your standard Mr. Coffee. But the Chemex’s brew is less a science and more a work of art. $47.  



Sugaform Sugar BowlSugar caddy
We know, we know. You already have a perfectly functional receptacle for sugar, one that probably matches your set of wedding china. But it’s nice to spice things up. Keep the kitchen romance alive by adding this rather alluring Sagaform sugar bowl to your dependable, classic set. $30. 




Kettle by Staub 

Easy being green 
This enameled cast-iron kettle by Staub is the kind of kitchen appliance that says, “I’m heavy duty enough to boil water on your stove, but handsome enough to brew tea on your table.” Although, if your appliances are talking to you, you might be in need of something stronger than a cup of tea. $175. 



Bean me up 
Gaggia Evolution EspressoMaybe you want to up your office’s productivity by eliminating any reason to leave for a coffee break. Or maybe your caffeine addiction has gotten way out of hand. Either way, the Gaggia XE-XD Evolution espresso machine is the way to bring Dineen-level coffee to your kitchen. Haven’t you always dreamed of steam-heating a litre of milk in 40 seconds? $8,200.