Lawyer-slash-rapper debuts music video set in Nevada ghost town

Mike Lickver filmed the video while in Las Vegas for a bachelor party
Mike Lickver filmed the video while in Las Vegas for a bachelor party

If you thought you’d heard the last of lawyer-rapper sensation Mike Lickver, you were wrong.

The second-year associate at Bennett Jones LLP just released his latest music video. Lickver co-wrote the song, Hangover, with Brian Notice, a Toronto-based R&B singer, and shot the video in Las Vegas while attending his law-school roommate’s bachelor party.

The three-day video shoot took Lickver all over Las Vegas, from off-roading in the desert to a ghost town an hour outside the strip. Lickver credits the director, his high-school friend Antoine Biko, for executing such a complex video on his own.

“Biko is a one-man film crew and that’s how we got it done,” he says. Together, Lickver and Biko have also started a film production company. (How he finds the time for three careers, we’re not exactly sure.)

The new song is a shift in tone for Lickver. While his earlier music is known for its satirical take on law-school culture, Hangover deals with the comedown after a rough breakup.

At his firm, Lickver says he gets a lot of support for his musical interests, particularly from his own generation (see our article featuring Lickver in the latest student issue for more on that).

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