How to spoil your inner child

We all deserve a little playtime. Now that you’re a grown-up, your favourite toys have grown up too.
We all deserve a little playtime. Now that you’re a grown-up, your favourite toys have grown up too.

Time to put the toy cars away. BMW Driver Training wants you to take this feisty BMW M3 Coupé out on a racetrack. Oh yes. Everything from basic to expert driving techniques are taught. The better you are, the better the car. Locations in Toronto and Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. $300 – $3,350, 

Ladies, let’s face it – our fascination with these physically improbable dolls hasn’t faded. Here’s a chance to doll yourself up with a Barbie-inspired retro jewelry line from Foxy Originals. Barbie just went bling. $40, 

 Short on playmates? Sack Boy from Little Big Planet wants you to join him in his eternal quest of running east, dragging things, and jumping really high. Imagine Mario Bros. but ridiculously cute and with the option of creating levels, sharing ideas, and playing online. First person shooters just got old. $59.99, 

Regressing is totally forgivable if your toys look as badass as the USS Constitution model ship. This beautifully crafted vessel comes fully assembled and is a faithful recreation of the first American ship to circumnavigate the globe. $990, 

 Alright, Mavericks — here’s your chance to simulate a dogfight in the comfort of your own living room. Invite your pals over and launch your twin helicopters from this Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle Kit. Any of you boys seen an aircraft carrier around here? $89.99,

 Afraid of the dark? These earth-friendly nightlights set the mood for, um, telling ghost stories and counting sheep. The Glow Brick is made of clear, solid acrylic with an actual lightbulb suspended inside. It charges during daylight hours and gives off its own brand of afterglow in the evening. $48.80,   

 The golden rule of trick-or-treating: don’t accept baked goods. Now look back and think of how many cupcakes you’ve missed out on. Better even the score and tend to that much-neglected sweet tooth. Visit Babycake in Toronto and dig in. $3.25 ea.,