How to hibernate

When the weather outside is frightful, here’s how to fight off cabin fever with a few cozy indulgences
When the weather outside is frightful, here’s how to fight off cabin fever with a few cozy indulgences

Popcorn and a movie: A combo that never goes out of style, updated for the modern couch dweller. Zip Movies delivers straight to your door, and the absence of due dates and late fees is like a Christmas present all year round. But no movie night is complete without snacks. The EasyPop Popcorn Maker can be custom-programmed to evenly distribute as much salt and butter as you please. Zip Movies: monthly from $5.95 to $49.95,; EasyPop Popcorn Maker, $79.99,

We don’t need to explain how Wigwam Trail Mix Fusion Merino Socks fit into your “hide indoors until it all melts” winter strategy. They’re made out of merino wool and a moisture-wicking fabric, so you can wear them indoors and out (should you actually need to leave the house). $15.50,

More than 5.6 million votes determined the new lay of the land for Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal all earned themselves some real estate, with Montreal grabbing the top spot as Boardwalk. Other evidence of the modern world includes electronic banking and credit cards. $39.99,

 Not to be confused with hot cocoa, MarieBelle Aztec Hot Chocolate is made with single-origin Colombian cacao that you melt with hot milk or cream (or water, if you’re feeling guilty). It comes in Original, Dark,Café Négro, and Spicy, which can also be used to make wintry cocktails, like a tequila-infused spicy hot chocolate nightcap. $29.99,

Although you’re in hibernation, you don’t have to spend the day stirring soups and stews. Simmer your comfort grub in the All-Clad Deluxe Slow Cooker. This model has a digital timer, so you can really indulge the lazy creature within. You’ll still have to chop onions, though. $329.95,

 If you thought your condo was too small for a fireplace, think again. For a real splashout indulgence, get a portable fireplace like the Slate Fire 2 by Planika. No special installation required, and it burns without smoke. It also doubles as a coffee table, so you can roast marshmallows from your veg station on the sofa. $3,295,

There’s no need to trudge to the office on snow days when you can do all your printing, faxing, and copying from home with the Epson WorkForce 600. This sleek black number even comes with Wi-Fi, so you can curl up in front of the fireplace with your laptop while it works in the other room. $199.99,