A Toronto design-crawl itinerary

Ready for a whole day of design-store shopping? Better have a game plan ready
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Ready for a whole day of design-store shopping? Better have a game plan ready
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If, like me, your ideal Saturday is spent scouring Toronto’s best design stores for top deals, you’re in luck. I’ve tread this path many times, my friends, and I’m here to impart upon you my own personal design-crawl itinerary so that none of your precious time is wasted. I take my décor shopping seriously, but don’t worry — this itinerary isn’t exactly grueling. It starts with brunch and ends with cocktails (you did just work a 60-hour week after all). Go forth, and get deals.

10:00 a.m.
School, 70 Fraser Ave.
What to go for: Brunch. You’ll need fuel for the big day of design.
My top pick: The sugar-cured Ontario bacon and daily juice (with organic bubbles if you’re feeling frisky).

EQ311:30 a.m.
EQ3, 51 Hanna Ave.
What to go for: A couch, bedroom set, Noguchi coffee table or maybe some Alessi kitchenware.
My top pick: The Salema sectional currently sits nicely in my TV room. Its low profile makes it great for condos or small homes.

12:00 p.m.
West Elm, 109 Atlantic Ave.
What to go for:  Affordable knick-knacks and cute side tables.
My top pick: I adore my two white Parsons End Tables, which are beside my bed. I spotted the design in a recent episode of Girls. If it’s good enough for Marnie, it’s good enough for me.

12:45 p.m.
Old Faithful Shop, 886 Queen St. W.
What to go for: Gorgeous kitchen, pantry and bathroom accessories. It’s basically the hip version of an old-timey general store.
My top pick: The Toronto Market Bag — it’s the result of a project in Bangladesh that helps mothers of malnourished children find temporary employment producing handicrafts.

1:15 p.m.
Ella + Elliot, 188 Strachan Ave.
What to go for: Great finds for the nursery and baby’s room, or baby shower gifts.
My top pick: The mere sight of the mini Eames rocker makes me want children. Don’t tell my fiancé.

1:45 p.m.
Anthropologie, 761 Queen St. W.
What to go for:  The finishing touches: pretty glassware, vases, pillows, mirrors, hooks and candles.
My top pick: Captain’s mirrors, seen in just about every design magazine right now, can cost you more than a $1,000. That’s why I love Anthropologie’s sailor’s mirrors, which start at just $58.

2:15 p.m.
CB2, 651 Queen St. W.
What to go for: Everything from décor accessories to desks, bookshelves and consoles.
My top pick: Get your patio in gear this summer with the Apollo dining set at Crate + Barrel’s younger, cheaper sister.

3:00 p.m.
Montauk, 765 Dundas St. W.
What to go for: A drink to toast your successful shopping day.
My top pick: I’m partial to pinot grigio, but this day might deserve a well-made cocktail. Montauk has negronis on tap and they happen to be delicious. Cheers to all your design finds.

This story is from our Summer 2015 issue.




Emma Gregg Emma Gregg is in-house counsel at Travelers Canada, and
Precedent’s design columnist. Read more of her tips for DIY decor.