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How to choose a big, striking piece of art for your home

Advice from a curator
Advice from a curator

I know it’s only December, but I’m already plotting ways to spend my March bonus. Yes, I could pay down my student loans or add to my TFSA, but I say, put your money where you can see it: a big, beautiful piece of art to hang on the wall. Financially responsible lawyers, hear me out! The right piece of art can be a solid investment.

But where to start? Buying that first big piece to start your art collection is daunting. You may see something you like, but does that mean it’s any good? Plus, real art is expensive! As a junior lawyer, I’m beyond the Ikea prints of my law-school days, but until I get promoted, buying from a fancy gallery in Yorkville isn’t really an option either.

Let me present option C: Citizen Atelier. It’s an online art shop, Canadian-owned, that removes the guesswork from finding a striking piece of art for your home. The price ranges from $60 for a limited edition print up to $7,900 for an original work. The store has been a runaway success, with name-droppable customers including Jessica Alba and Toronto’s own Nina Dobrev.

Even though Citizen Atelier narrows down the options, there are still tons. So I asked the Montreal-based founder, Alessandra Salituri, for her tips on how to do it right.

Citizen Atelier1. Choose art you love
Don’t worry about trends. Start with one timeless piece that speaks to your taste. You want to keep the long game in mind.



Citizen Atelier2. Go big and bold
Oversized photography really makes an impact in an open-concept space. Don’t shy away from art that makes a strong statement. One piece can transform your entire home.



Citizen Atelier3. Don’t be afraid to mix mediums
If you have a beautiful classic oil painting passed down through your family, you can freshen it up by pairing it in a room with a monochromatic photograph. This juxtaposition makes a space feel unique and layered.



Citizen Atelier4. Invest in framing
Custom framing can make a $20 print look like it’s worth $2,000. Plus, it preserves it for years to come. Stick with simplicity: you can never go wrong with a classic white or black wood frame.



Citizen Atelier House Call















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