Home-decor holiday gifts that are perfect for any coworker

Gift-giving just got a whole lot easier this winter
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Gift-giving just got a whole lot easier this winter
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Some people are born gift-givers. No matter the occasion, they pick the perfect present. Then, there are lawyers. We may want to deliver thoughtful presents to our colleagues, but we have almost no time. Still, that’s no excuse to resort to the LCBO gift card (yawn). So let me help you. Here are nine home-decor gifts and who they’d be perfect for at your office.



Remember when you nearly confirmed that motion late, or almost went to that mediation at Network North instead of Network West? Yep, that was your assistant who saved you. Show some appreciation with one of these luxurious gifts.


Diptyque candlesCandle

Perfect for the living room, these candles’ long-lasting fragrance will make the whole house smell festive and elegant. CandleThey’re perfect for holiday get-togethers.

Where to buy: Holt Renfrew, $84 for a single candle.



Jonathan Adler muse bowl

This bowl looks great on the kitchebowln island or as a dining-room centrepiece. Your assistant can fill it with lemons or mandarins, or a holiday-decor fruit of choice.

Where to buy:, $98.



Missoni Giacomo hand towelsMissoni, hand towels

The holiday season equals visitors, so help your assistant wow their guests with gorgeous hand towels. They’re the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Where to buy: John Paul and Co. on Avenue Road, $35 each.



The boss deserves a gift that will impress. They can already afford the finer things in life, so try to find out-of-the-ordinary gifts that will come as a pleasant surprise.


bookends Chrome fido book ends

The boss with the stylish office can use these to hold her old law textbooks — and they’ll look stunning atop the fireplace.

Where to buy: Black Rooster Decor in Leslieville, $330.



Eames hang-it-all rackCoat rack, Eames

This coat rack is great for the home, but it might get more use at the office. I mean, how good would your boss’s robes look on this instead of in a clump in the corner, inside that sad, sad Santa sack?

Where to buy: EQ3 at King and Sherbourne, $250.


MoMA crinkle-bag vaseVase

This vase will leave everyone guessing: is it porcelain or paper? Its unique design will stand out on any desk or coffee table.

Where to buy: Online at or at MoMA in New York, $165.



Whether you pulled her name out of the office gift-exchange pile, or because she makes Monday more enjoyable, that friendly co-worker has earned some recognition. But it’s best to keep it simple.


Ice-mold wine-bottle chillerwine chiller, mold

Help co-workers take their holiday party to the next level. All they have to do is pour water into this mold, add red poinsettias or pine and holly, and freeze it. Now they can chill their wine bottle in festive ice.

Where to buy: Crate&Barrel, $56.


Acrylic office accessoriesoffice accessories, acrylic, gold stripe

Getting through that due diligence on Christmas Eve is always easier when sitting in a pretty office. That’s why these acrylic trays, pencil holders and stationery accessories will make the perfect gift for your hard-working colleagues.

Where to buy: West Elm in Liberty Village, $22 to $38.


Donkey graffiti-can-style salt and pepper shakerssalt and pepper shakers

These shakers are more decorative than functional, but they’ll look great on the countertop next to the oil and vinegar for all to see.

Where to buy: Room 2046, located in Summerhill, $22.



lawyer, Emma Gregg

Emma Gregg is in-house counsel at Travelers Canada, and Precedent’s design columnist. Read more of her tips for DIY decor.



This story is from our Winter 2016 issue.