Harvey Specter changed up his suits, and you should too

How to keep up with the best-dressed lawyer on TV
Harvey Specter suits

Harvey Specter may have fumbled things a bit in season four, but the man remains at the top of his sartorial game. How exactly does the Suits star look so good, even as he’s blowing it with Scottie? Michael Nguyen, the owner of Garrison Bespoke and the man in charge of dressing Harvey (Gabriel Macht), lets us in on the secret: silk.

Harvey’s latest suits are made from a silk blend that gives them a subtle-but-undeniable punch. Not convinced? Here are Nguyen’s top three reasons for following Harvey’s lead:

Silk-blend suits breathe. “The silk will keep you feeling fresh in humid summer weather, and it even regulates body temperature when you’re indoors and the heat is blasting.”

They hang better on the body. “A wool-silk blend feels softer, avoids creases and drapes over the body nicely — especially with slimmer fitting suits like the ones Harvey wears.”

They’ll help get you noticed. “A solid navy or charcoal suit will still look classic, but the silk adds a rich lustre. Think ‘What Would Obama Do?’ and pair it with a vibrant tie. Total power play.”

Ready to walk the silk road? A custom-made suit starts at $1,800 at Garrison Bespoke at 26 Wellington Street East.

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You make the call

Saul might not be TV’s best dressed lawyer, but the show is worth a watch: the Better Call Saul premiere broke the record for most viewers in cable TV history with 6.9 million.

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