Can a pillow really solve all of our sleep woes?

One lawyer finds out
One lawyer finds out

Between family and our ongoing war with the billable hour, we lawyers often struggle to docket enough time with the sandman. We slog through 18-hour days on little more than sugar and caffeine as we daydream of the next time our heads can hit the pillow.

It’s too bad, though, that in real life my pillow is just another Ikea pancake. So when I heard about a new product promising to be the best pillow around, I took notice. The product in question? The Casper pillow.

Thanks to its ubiquitous marketing campaign, you may have heard of this American start-up’s plan to tackle the so-called sleep epidemic. Casper makes mattresses, pillows and sheets. And they’re supposed to be the Goldilocks of sleep products: just the right sink, just the right squish and just the right bounce. To see if it was just right, I gave the pillow a try (courtesy of Casper).

When the pillow arrived at my door, the box was both cute and colourful, decorated on the inside with a starry night sky. It contained a note wishing me a good night’s sleep. I hesitated at first after pulling the pillow out. It was nearly three times the size and weight of my regular pillow.

As I climbed into bed that night, it took me a while to get comfortable. But the next night, I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the extra layer of exterior cushion and interior support. The gusset sewn into the core of the pillow was clearly working.

And the breathable fabric really does stay cool, giving you that “cool side of the pillow” feeling all night long. For a while, I felt like I was sleeping at a five-star hotel (until the mirage lifted when my husband refused to bring me room service). After a few nights with the pillow, I was hooked. No way would I go back to my Ikea special.

While Casper’s mattresses are on the a ordable side (ranging from $725 for a twin to $1,275 for a king), the pillows are a bit steep, relatively speaking, at $125 a pop. Buying without trying is a leap of faith. But thankfully, Casper lets you literally sleep on it with a 100-night trial. If you don’t love it, you’ll get a full refund.

My verdict? The Casper pillow is a comfortable, time-saving alternative. While I can’t promise you won’t still want to take a nap in your office every now and then, at least you’ll have a soft, cool place to lay your head when you get home.

Breann KirincichBreann Kirincich is the vice president of legal & compliance at BlackRock who maintains an active blog on the side. She enjoys cereal, Pinot Grigio and making dated SNL references, in that order.



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