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Lerners' 13th annual Extraordinary Women's Extravaganza
This year, the signature event went back to its roots

By Precedent

On Thursday April 19th, 2018


What: Lerners’ 13th Annual Extraordinary Women’s Extravaganza
Where: Stratus Restaurant, TD South Tower
When: Wednesday April 4, 2018

For its 13th Extraordinary Women’s Extravaganza, held on April 4 at Stratus Restaurant, Lerners LLP decided to make this year’s event more intimate.

“We wanted to bring our signature event back to its roots,” says Emily Fan, as associate at Lerners.“Thirteen years ago, it started as a smaller gathering and this time, we chose a more intimate setting, presenting more opportunities for incredible women across different industries to not only nurture existing relationships, but foster new ones.”

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