Lerners’ 12th annual Extraordinary Women's Extravaganza // The Circuit

Lerners Extraordinary Women's Extravaganza
The annual event is as popular as ever

By Precedent

On Thursday April 27th, 2017


What: Lerners’ 12th Annual Extraordinary Women’s Extravaganza
Where: Main Lobby, 130 Adelaide Street West
When: Thursday April 6, 2017

In the theme of Hollywood Glam, Lerners LLP threw its the twelfth edition of its annual bash: the Extraordinary Women’s Extravaganza.

The popularity of the event has shot up over the past decade. “In its early incarnation, this event was an intimate social gathering, attended by 20 to 40 women,” says Meredith Jones, a partner at Lerners. “It has since evolved into an eagerly anticipated, hugely popular signature event for our firm, attracting more than 200 women professionals every year, helping us to strengthen, develop and nurture our reputation for leadership in gender parity and broader diversity initiatives.”

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Photography by 5ive15ifteen Studio