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Sean Robichaud started the King Law Chambers a mere six years ago — and it’s taking off

By Daniel Fish

On Thursday May 5th, 2016


What: The King Law Chambers Grand Opening Party
Where: King Law Chambers, 43 Front St E.
When: April 28, 2016

It’s no secret that starting a solo practice takes a barrel of elbow grease.

But hard work can only take ambitious lawyers so far. They also need referrals, mentors, affordable office space.

That’s where Sean Robichaud comes in: the a hard-nosed defence lawyer has spent six years building the King Law Chambers, where keen lawyers can find all of the above.

In fact, with demand sky-high, he just took the chambers to two floors of modern office space a few blocks from the St. Lawrence Market. To celebrate the new digs, he threw a kick-off party last week.

“Our growth is truly remarkable,” says Robichaud. “When we started, in 2010, we had two part-time staff and three lawyers. Today, we house six staff members and more than 40 lawyers.”

And all the lawyers, he boasts, support each other.

“We’ve fostered a community that is friendly and collaborative,” he says. “An answer to nearly any legal question is just down the hallway.”

To learn more about King Law Chambers, visit the KLC website.

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