Lerners' 10th Annual Extraordinary Women's Extravaganza // The Circuit

One of the legal profession's most popular events celebrates ten years

By Precedent

On Tuesday April 14th, 2015


What: Lerners’ 10th Annual Extraordinary Women’s Extravaganza
Where: Main Lobby, 130 Adelaide St. West

When: Wednesday April 1, 2015

In its 10-year lifespan, the Lerners’ Extraordinary Women’s Extravaganza has grown up to become one of the year’s most popular legal events. And this year was no exception, with the event attracting more than 200 guests.

“This event reinforced what I had been told about the firm before joining in January,” says Bonni Ellis, a new partner at Lerners LLP. “They actually walk the walk when it comes to supporting women.”

Indeed, they do: the firm recently received praise in the national press for being one of the only law firms in Canada to achieve gender parity.  

As Ellis notes, at Lerners’ annual bash, everyone in attendance is genuinely friendly and happy to be there. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to take a couple of hours out of our busy lives to catch up with our female friends, colleagues and clients in a relaxed environment with great food, cocktails and a mountain of chocolate,” she says. “Everybody leaves the event having made at least one new connection they are really happy about, whether personal or professional. And, as we all know, today’s personal friendships can lead to tomorrow’s professional opportunities and vice-versa.”

One of Canada’s largest litigation groups, Lerners LLP has offices in Toronto and London, Ontario, and is committed to continuing to support women in attaining partnership and leadership roles.

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