Matthew Lefave: muscle man
Matthew Lefave: muscle man

Matthew Lefave has a mistress — or so his fiancée jokes. When Lefave isn’t busy practising insurance defence law at Stieber Berlach LLP, he’s dreaming of skipping rope and doing squats. On nights when he’s not with her, his hands are likely wrapped lovingly around a kettlebell.

Lefave is passionate about crossfit, a form of training used by the military. “These people have to be ready for the unknown. Tomorrow they might need to chase down the bad guy,” says Lefave.

So what’s the appeal for a lawyer? The workouts are short and intense, typically five to 30 minutes not including warm-up, says Lefave. By comparison, a typical cardio and weightlifting double- header takes up to two hours — too long for a lunch hour workout.

But for Lefave, who ranked 10th in the men’s division of the Canada East Regionals for the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games, crossfit has benefits beyond the physical. “It humbles you. It constantly keeps you grounded and reminds you where you can improve.”

It also landed him in a life-sized topless ad for the Adelaide Club in the PATH last year. Not too shabby.

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Photography: Daniel Ehrenworth