Fly Girl // Secret Life

Precedent catches up with Kristyn Annis, energy lawyer and pilot

By Jennifer Marston

On Friday June 15th, 2012


Kristyn Annis
McCarthy Tétrault LLP

From her office on the 52nd floor of the TD Bank Tower, energy lawyer Kristyn Annis has an unobstructed view of the island airport. Although piloting runs in her family — both her grandfather and uncle served in the air force — Annis had never considered flying until one summer day in 2010. “I kept on watching these little planes take off and land and I thought, you know what, I should just do that.” She did some Googling, made a phone call, and was up in the air the next day with a Toronto Island flight school.

Thanks to weekly lessons and solo flights, often in the early morning before work, Annis now has her Private Pilot Licence and has been working on her Night Rating.

For the fearless Annis — who also rides a motorcycle and has gone both bungee jumping and skydiving — flying is a form of relaxation. “I love it. It’s kind of like therapy. You get out there and you can’t think of anything else except what’s in front of you: the sky, the other planes, what’s on the radio.”

Web exclusive: Outtakes from the photo session

Photography by Daniel Ehrenworth