How to address mental-health dilemmas in the workplace // How to Help

Getting Help
Whether you have a mental-health issue or you’re worried about a colleague, our panel of experts is here to help

By Katherine Laidlaw

On Tuesday March 6th, 2018


Mental-health issues affect us all. You might feel anxious about a case, beyond what’s normal, but you don’t know where to turn for help. You might have a colleague who drinks too much, but you have no idea how to bring it up or what response to expect.

How to helpBut things are not that hopeless. We’ve collected some of the most difficult mental-health dilemmas that lawyers face and asked a fleet of experts to offer practical solutions to each one. Because it’s one thing to talk about the mental-health crisis in law — it’s another to try to end it.




Spring 2018 cover webThis story is part of the “How to Help” feature, from our Spring 2018 Issue.




Illustrations by Wenting Li