Want to make partner? Good. Luck. // Cover Story

Making partner has never been harder. Here's how to beat the odds

By Daniel Fish

On Tuesday March 8th, 2016


Making partner is like a shot of adrenaline. The pressure to land clients raises the stakes, and a share of the firm’s profits offers a chance at a significant pay bump. Getting there, however, has never been harder. Ambitious associates are staring down a sluggish economy. And for racialized lawyers or those at smaller firms, it can be even trickier. But some lawyers have made it, despite the odds. Below are three in-depth playbooks for making partner, based on the success stories of those who’ve ascended the ranks in the modern legal profession.

  1. How to make partner in weak market
  2. How to make partner as a racialized lawyer
  3. How to make partner at a small firm


This story is from our Spring 2016 issue.