A cure for office clutter

Is a messy desk hindering your productivity? A Lerners lawyer shares a solution

By Christina Cheung

On Tuesday April 9th, 2013


A disorganized work space can be an unseemly sight, not to mention stress-inducing, as you watch your desk disappear under piles of files (and/or your computer desktop littered with folder icons). It isn’t surprising to learn that disorganization can lead to wasted hours of productivity.

Clearly, the solution is to get organized, and Jane Southren, director of professional business development at Lerners LLP, shares the experience she had in her quest to clean up her work clutter in this recent Globe and Mail article. Southren hired a professional organizer while she was practicing as a commercial litigator and found she worked much more efficiently post-cleanup; less nights and weekends were needed at the office and better still, she discovered she was able to bill around 20 percent more than before! Talk about working less and making more. It’s time to roll up those sleeves and get organizing.

Image: FrankyDeMeyer via iStockphoto