6 things law firms are doing right // Good News From Bay Street

How Bay Street's top firms are moving in the right direction

By Precedent

On Wednesday September 9th, 2015


Cover of the Fall 2015 Issue of Precedent

Bay Street law firms get a bad rap. As the pundit insists, they’re inefficient and slow-to-change. And sure, law firms aren’t perfect. But they’re pretty smart, and more than ever making positive changes — for female lawyers, clients, senior associates. And we sought out such stories for our latest cover story. Below are six dispatches from Bay Street, each one highlighting one way that law firms are moving in the right direction.

  1. Genuine problems persist, but it’s never been better to be a woman in law.
  2. The up-or-out model — a long-time morale-killer at the largest firms — is starting to fade.
  3. An armada of Bay Street firms team up with Pro Bono Law Ontario to help sick children and their families.
  4. In the past year, some lawyers have decided to let clients decide how much to pay on their legal bills.
  5. Big firms still have a ways to go, but law has become a much happier place to be out and proud.
  6. After this law firm hired a chief executive officer, it saw its overhead fall by 20 percent.

This story is from our Fall 2015 issue.