New Years Resolution #85 — Create a stylish weekend wardrobe

Terry provides tips on for collecting casual clothing
Terry provides tips on for collecting casual clothing

 For the first time in London, I worked the period after Christmas leading up to the new year, and it was great. I like London, the ghost town. Unlike the manic vibe that usually fills the streets, this week the sidewalks gave me room to breathe. I could even appreciate the architecture of the buildings I walk blindly by every day, no longer distracted by the human congestion. At work, I saw another side of my co-workers, fashion-wise – a very casual side. Even those people that usually wear business dress (even on Fridays) were wearing sneakers.

For many people, dressing for work is an exercise in extremes: it’s either sharp suits or ripped jeans, and not the intentionally ripped kind. After discussing the matter with several different people, I discovered that many find it difficult to put together an outfit that strikes a balance between business and casual. This predicament is at its worst on the weekend. Sure, sweats and yoga gear are fine for puttering around the house, but once you have to venture outside the nest for social appointments, dressing can involve some anxiety.

The Telegraph explored the topic of Creating a Weekend Wardrobe with some success earlier this year. Its main message, which I completely agree with, is to create something of a weekend uniform. With all the sales going on right now, it’s an opportune time to revisit this advice and invest in some staple pieces. No need to mess with what works. Here are some helpful tips that will hopefully help you achieve at least one New Year’s resolution on your list.

  1. A great coat will pull you together and is the perfect solve-all, for the winter at least.
  2. Casual clothing like cotton trousers or silk/jersey dresses from French labels like APC or Comptoir des Cotonniers. The French know how to pull off casual, and do it well.
  3. Add a striped top to your wardrobe. That one’s easy.
  4. If skinny jeans don’t work for you, go for a straight leg that will still fit into knee high boots.
  5. My two cents, I always start with the shoes. I decide what shoes are appropriate for the occasion or the activity, then choose the outfit from there.

Terry Chan is a Canadian lawyer practicing finance law in London. She writes every Friday on style and fashion, perfectly aware that the next big thing is not looking like a lawyer.