The fall 2009 issue of Precedent Magazine

These fabulous finds will help you relax as you transition from the serenity of summer to the crazy fall
The Larose family had found the perfect Bloor West home. They thought all it needed was a little touching up. Then they got ambitious
Lazy thugs, parasites and hacks. These are just some of the names that lawyers and cops call each other. What’s worse, this animosity shows up in our justice system
Law firms and the provincial government are making it easier for foreign-trained lawyers to find work
Early in their careers, many criminal lawyers rely on legal aid cases to build their practices. But can they afford to take them? For criminal defence lawyers like Sean Robichaud, a low hourly rate threatens to unravel our most cherished ideas of justice
Make yourself look like a wine connoisseur. Here's how to fake it until you make it