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Precedent's first-ever CPD guide
Precedent's first-ever CPD guide

 Figuring out how to get your Continuing Professional Development credits shouldn’t be tougher than taking the darn class. Now that CPD is mandatory for every lawyer in Ontario, Precedent has created its first-ever CPD Guide. We tell you exactly what you need, and the best courses of 2012. So it’s your choice: use our guide and get schooled, or ignore CPD — and get suspended.


What you can do:

  • Take a university class
  • Teach a course*†
  • Write or edit a book or article†
  • Mentor or be mentored†
  • Start a study group
  • Watch a webinar with a friend & discuss
  • Count the educational portion of a law or bar association meeting

*If you’re the teacher, triple your hours to count prep time
Six hours max

What you can’t do:

  • Study alone (active participation mandatory!)
  • Anything that’s part of your full-time job
  • Pro bono work
  • Count the business portion of a law or bar association meeting

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