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Precedent Setter Awards 2014-feature
We asked party-goers: If you were headed back to school this fall, what would you study?

By Yvonne Bambrick

On Thursday October 9th, 2014


Precedent was on the scene at the Precedent Setter Awards 2014 

Where: Stratus Restaurant
When: June 11, 2014
Question: If you were headed back to school this fall, what would you study? 

Anne Benedetti and Renee Maria Tremblay 

“I have the good fortune to be married to a professor, so I’d study whatever she is teaching.” 
Anne Benedetti, Goodmans LLP 

“I would study law, again.”
Renée Maria Tremblay, Supreme Court of Canada 


Bronwyn Roe and Julia Croome


“I’d do a doctorate in English literature.”
Bronwyn Roe, WeirFoulds LLP 


“I’d study municipal law — I love city-building.”
Julia Croome, WeirFoulds LLP  


Paul Saguil and Joseph Cheng 

“I would take a joint degree in law and a master’s of public administration.”
Paul Jonathan Saguil, TD Bank Group 


“Music. I used to play viola.”
Joseph Cheng, Department of Justice


Gord McGuire and Khalid Janmohamed 

“Interpretative dance.”
Gord McGuire, Adair Barristers LLP 


“Bicycle repair.”
Khalid Janmohamed, Adair Barristers LLP 


Maria Gergin and Linda Paulovicova and Jean-Alexandre De BousquetVisual art and photography.
Maria Gergin, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP 

“I’d study at the London School of Economics.”
Linda Paulovicova, Dalkia Canada 

“Pschology — so I can understand why people act the way they do.”
Jean-Alexandre De Bousquet, De Bousquet Professional Corporation